401(k) Questions Answered Here.

401(k): The Wrapper That Holds Your Chocolate Of Choice.

Metaphorically speaking, that is. The wrapper provides certain protections and tax benefits, but the potential of what benefits from the tax arrangement can be a number of things. Loomis Wealth Management works with you to determine the best plan for your 401(k) assets.

Attractive Features In 401k Plans Encourage Individuals To Save For Retirement.

People eligible for employer-offered 401(k) plans save on a pre-tax basis, which lowers their annual taxable earnings. In some cases with qualified plans, additional funds can be contributed on an after-tax basis. Employers may offer a contribution match, encouraging their employees to save. Employer contributions may require employees to become vested through a period of employment before employees have full claim to the money and their investment earnings. Company matches are in addition to salary. Learn more about your options by contacting our professional financial planners.

Increase Flexibility With The Ability To Borrow From Some 401(k) Plans.

Certain plans may be structured to allow certain in-service withdrawals. The IRS regulations contain complex rules that apply to hardship withdrawals. Loomis Wealth Management’s extensive experience and expertise can help you determine the best ways to access cash in various situations. Professional recommendations keep your investments safe.

Multiple 401(k) Plans Exist To Meet Special Situations.

For retirement planning, 401(k)s are increasingly popular options. From Roth 401(k)s to simple and special 401(k)s, which one is right for you? Or will a combination best suit you? Loomis Wealth Management has you covered. We understand the ins and outs of the 401(k) retirement savings plans available today. With your needs, goals, and circumstances in mind, we advise you of all the 401(k) strategies available to you.

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