Loomis Wealth Management Offers Expert Retirement Planning You Can Trust.

Enjoy Retirement Comfortably With The Right Funds Available To You.

We’re living longer and healthier lives than ever before. Preparing for retirement income takes the worry out of how many wonderful years you spend retired. At certain points up to your desired retirement age, we apply different investment strategies customized for your goals and timeline. We work toward the simplified outcome of a deposit into your checking account each month during retirement. Use this Retirement Savings Calculator to get an idea of what your retirement funds can do.

Retired Couples on Vacation

Converting Wealth To Income Means Security In Retirement.

We start with a cash flow analysis to determine the target retirement income for you. Your needs depend on a host of factors including the elements you want in your retirement such as travel, recreation, adventure, security, and time with family. We look at all of your assets and determine how we can convert your assets to provide the income you will need to fully engage in life. We strive to make it easy, as simple as a deposit into your checking account each month. Our goal is to help you enjoy the other aspects of your life and not worry about having the income you need.

We Keep You Apprised Of Different Tax Situations To Consider.

There are a multitude of tax situations to contend with when dealing with retirement. For example, when you reach 70 ½ years of age you must take out your Required Minimum Distribution or you are assessed a penalty of 50% plus taxes. Our job is to make the rules and regulations accessible to you in terms that make the most sense for your portfolio. We take care of the retirement planning details so you don’t miss out.

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