Simplify Estate Planning With Loomis Wealth Management.

Work to Make The Most of Transitioning Your Wealth To The Next Generation

Estate planning means preparing for transitions of wealth and considering how, when, to whom, and to what purpose you wish to distribute your wealth. Loomis Wealth Management brings expertise to your decision-making process. Tax laws are complicated and we work hand in hand with experienced accountants and elder law attorneys to help guide you. With no two options alike, our estate planning is customized to your situation with detailed attention paid to factors affecting estates.

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Advanced Estate Planning Eases Transitions And Maximizes Clarity Of Your Wishes.

When the time comes to distribute wealth, a clear procedure and documented intentions create a smoother transition. We start by listening to what you want to do with your assets. Then a thorough asset analysis informs a customized plan to work towards your ideal wealth distribution. Having your estate plan in place makes the transition that much simpler and family members are not left wondering how to fulfill your wishes.

Consolidating Asset Management Can Help Streamline Estate Planning.

Keeping your investments with one firm may allow for a more streamlined transition of wealth. Maintaining accounts in one place makes for less paperwork, minimizes confusion, and gives greater peace of mind. Bereaved loved ones are able to handle wealth transitions with a simplified process when estate planning includes well-organized documentation of assets and distributions. Loomis Wealth Management’s personal service affords family members a straightforward and courteous wealth transition process.

Loomis Wealth Management Takes The Worry Out Of Wealth Transitions.

Our business begins and ends with you. From listening to your goals to reviewing your assets and drafting an estate plan to meet your needs, our focus is on maximizing your returns. We apply an understanding of the regulations that govern estates to your desired outcomes, finding you well planned strategies for estate planning by working hand in hand with your tax professional and lawyer.

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