Let Us Help Put Your Assets To Work For You.

You Build Assets. We Try To Maximize Your Efforts.

Growing your assets takes time and dedication to your financial planning. Loomis Wealth Management meets your hard work with our attention to detail and dynamic understanding of asset management. We provide professional asset management of various securities with your goals in mind. Our process uses your long-term goals as the starting point to prepare a custom portfolio for your assets.

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Non-Qualified And Qualified Assets: We’re Here To Help.

Assets can qualify for favorable tax treatment. It’s our business to know how each option may fit your needs. As you determine the purpose of your investments and chart out your timeline, different types of assets serve as vehicles to target your goals. Loomis Wealth Management manages qualified retirement accounts such as IRAs, 401(k), 403(b) and 457(b), as well as non-qualified assets such as investment accounts, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, savings accounts, and certificates of deposit.

Comprehensive Asset Management In One Place Means Less Run Around For You.

Our comprehensive services include financial statement analysis, asset and stock review and selection, plan implementation, and monitoring of active investments. There are a multitude of investment styles designed to produce various results. Our approach is carefully matched to align with your needs, goals, and assets. We work directly for you as independent brokers, eliminating the need to encourage investments in company-held products. Your assets are housed in one brokerage firm, divided into portfolios of qualified and non-qualified assets.

We Work With Your Risk Tolerance Level For The Most Desirable Outcomes.

Asset management is primarily based on timeline and risk tolerance, the individual clients ability to accept fluctuations of the value of their portfolio. Fluctuations occur in the market and in asset portfolios. The longer the time horizon, the more fluctuation a portfolio can handle. We take care of the process so that you get the human factor when making decisions. We work to understand you as an investor, not as a factor in a simple formula for financial planning.

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