Are You Ready To Talk About Financial Planning?

At Loomis Wealth Management our mission is to provide customized investment strategies and financial planning that removes the pressure from our clients as we continuously earn their trust and respect through excellent personal service.

As independent brokers, we work for you. Our fee-based services depend on the success of your portfolio, not how many trades you make. This means our bottom line is linked directly to yours – for us to succeed, you must succeed.

Financial Planning Professionals Work With Loomis

Do You Know Your Risk Score?

Success starts with a no obligation complimentary discussion. We simply want to open up an honest dialogue about your goals, hurdles that are in the way, and begin to brainstorm some ideas to move forward on. One tool we will use specific to your investment portfolio is Riskalyze.

Loomis Wealth Management in Harrisonburg Virginia has partnered with Riskalyze to offer you a Free Portfolio Risk Analysis. Simply click on the button above and you will be guided through a straight forward Riskalyze questionnaire. This process will lead you to a Risk Score number between 1-100. The score indicates your level of comfort in terms of risk and reward. What percent of your portfolio are you willing to see fluctuate in a down market to achieve a certain potential percent gain in an up market?

The Free Portfolio Risk Analysis questionnaire asks you several different questions that helps you visual see your current portfolio value and what it could be given your answers. Our clients love this tool because it helps them see in a few simple steps where their portfolio could be given simulated market fluctuations .

Once you have a risk score, one of our advisors will contact you to discuss your score and work with you to ensure that your current portfolio matches your present life situation. We know that change happens rapidly in today’s world. The risk score helps you get a very black and white handle on your investment style comfort and helps us work with you over time as your score changes.

Whether you are developing a strategy for your IRA, working to figure out the best way to transition from your income earning years to retirement years, or just hoping to get a better understanding of your financial plan, this Free Portfolio Risk Analysis is a simple and powerful way for you to see your investments in a different way. Investment advice can only be as good as the knowledge an advisor has about your individualized investment comfort, style, and view on risk. The risk score gives our advisors a great starting point to get to know you better and how you want your money to work for you.

Are You Ready To Talk To A Professional About Financial Planning?