Our Independent Investment Planning Brokers Work Directly For You.

Since June 2010, Loomis Wealth Management has been in its current form: a father and son independent investment planning brokerage firm dedicated to managing assets for retirement and estate planning in the Shenandoah Valley. Wire House brokerage firms earn money from the number of trades clients make, with incentives tied to certain products that provide additional revenue for the firm. This model can make the clients more money, but the bottom line of the firm is not linked to successful portfolios. Independent brokers like Loomis Wealth Management work directly for the client, using primarily a fee-based structure that ties portfolio performance to firm revenue. Your success is our success.

You’ve worked hard to build your assets. Our goal is to make them work for you.

Saving for and growing your assets comprise the building stage of your life. When you are ready to retire, convert your accumulated wealth into income with the right investments. Loomis Wealth Management offers custom portfolios that are unique to your situation and your bottom line. We can help take the guesswork out of investing so that you can enjoy your retirement.

Let’s talk: What do you want retirement to be like?

Are you seeking peace and quiet? Recreation and travel? We work with you to develop your vision for retirement and craft a plan to target that vision. Many of our clients factor in family, travel, recreation, flexibility and security when thinking about their monthly and annual retirement finances. We listen to your needs and desires as we assist in financially planning for your golden years the way you want them.

Every investment portfolio is unique.

Our formula for success is treating each client with respect and care. No two portfolios are the same because no two clients are the same. We rely on a combination of deeply cultivated expertise and education in current practices when it comes to populating an investment portfolio for each client. Our 30+ years of experience working for our clients’ bottom lines is a testament to our commitment to customized service.

Protect your assets by planning ahead for transitions of wealth.

Loomis Wealth Management assists in making key decisions to transition your wealth to the next generations. Considering how to best distribute your wealth can give you peace of mind for the future. As transitions happen, your advanced planning helps to simplify the process. Estate and financial planning with Loomis Wealth Management takes your future generations into account by developing strategies to help protect your wealth.

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